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  • What is iCIRT and the iCIRT Register
  • How building professionals get rated
  • How iCIRT-ratings work
  • What the iCIRT stars and QR code shows
  • Benefits of choosing an iCIRT-rated building professional
  • Why iCIRT forms part of the government's building and construction reforms.

Why choose an iCIRT-rated building professional

An independent consumer confidence survey commissioned by the NSW Government1 found that homebuyers are challenged by:

  • Not knowing whether an apartment has defects
  • Not having enough information on the building and who was involved in the construction
  • Builders not having a risk or quality rating.

Choosing a builder or developer with an iCIRT-rating helps remove this uncertainty and guesswork. By providing an independent perspective on the risk and quality of building professionals, homebuyers now have transparency and visibility to help make one of life's biggest purchase decisions.

1 McCrindle, Research on consumer confidence to purchase apartments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What does iCIRT stand for?

    iCIRT stands for the Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool.

  • What is iCIRT?

    iCIRT-ratings were developed in consultation with the government, regulators, industry and market associations to help purchasers find trusted residential building professionals. The iCIRT assessment process uses thousands of data points to evaluate building professionals and their projects across six eligibility criteria: Capability, Conduct, Character, Capacity, Capital and Counterparties. Every company that chooses to undergo an assessment receives a rating based on a sliding scale of how much evidence there is of low-risk, high-trust characteristics.

  • How do iCIRT-ratings work?

    iCIRT provides a rating from 0 to 5 stars – the more stars, the more confidence you can have in your developer and building professional. A 3-gold star rating or higher indicates a trustworthy business with a demonstrated ability to honour its commitments and fix defects.

    For a business to receive an iCIRT-rating it must undergo a rigorous, independent assessment by Equifax Australia*, a regulated ratings agency.

  • What is the iCIRT Register?

    If you’re buying an apartment, building a house, renovating or investing in property, search the iCIRT Register first to see if your building professional is listed and therefore has been independently deemed trustworthy.

  • Why should my building professional be iCIRT-rated?

    iCIRT star-ratings will help you to identify home-building professionals with a proven track record, supported by objective evidence of their capability and capacity to deliver trusted outcomes.

    When purchasing a car, most buyers check on the quality via a rating and do their research. So why buy an apartment without knowing as much as possible about the building professional?

    Benefits of choosing an iCIRT-rated building professional include:

    • Reassurance and confidence around one of life’s biggest purchasing decisions
    • A way to find trustworthy building professionals and avoid dodgy ones
    • Helps in shortlisting good building professionals
    • Peace of mind knowing that your building professional has the capability, capacity, resilience and reliability to deliver good quality built assets.

  • Who can get an iCIRT-rating?

    iCIRT-ratings are available to evaluate home builders, property developers and other building professionals like certifiers, designers, architects, engineers, project and development managers.

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