Terms of Use in accessing iCIRT star-ratings

The iCIRT product provides an independent assessment of the star-rating outcome of a developer, builder, contractor or other party in accordance with the independent construction industry ratings tool (iCIRT) methodology.

This assessment is performed in accordance with a published Methodology which was developed in close consultation with the public and private sector, based on criteria and key attributes that were recognised to support decision making.

The product provides an overall star rating outcome to signify the likelihood that a builder, developer, contractor, practitioner or consultant was likely to have the capability and willingness to honor commitments related to the design, development and delivery of residential buildings.

The outcome ranges from zero stars (unrated) to five stars in accordance with the methodology. The higher the number of stars the more likely the rated parties' have exhibited characteristics that infer they are willing to honour their commitments, and the lower the number of stars, the more likely they have exhibited higher risk characteristics.

In accessing the iCIRT star-ratings on this site, you warrant and agree that:

  • The iCIRT star-ratings reflect the opinion of Equifax* at the date of a rating, and in accordance with our Disclaimer, do not guarantee the performance of a rated party. Equifax is not providing advice, recommendations or statements of fact.

  • The iCIRT star-ratings are prepared in accordance with Equifax's published methodology. While iCIRT star-ratings may support your own due diligence, they should not be relied on for the purposes of making an investment decision.

  • The iCIRT star-ratings are provided as an information service without warranty, and the use of the iCIRT star-rating is at your own risk. Equifax is not liable in respect of anything done or not done by any person in reliance on an iCIRT star-rating.

  • You may not reproduce, transfer, disseminate, redistribute, or resell ratings or related information, or any associated content in any form (or store it for subsequent use for any such purpose), or allow any other person to do any of those things, without Equifax's prior written consent.